Hey guys!

So the idea of starting a blog came to me after seeing someone I know post on Facebook about their cooking and so the next morning after waking up and listening to music for a few minutes it finally hit me – I love baking and I love travelling AND I used to love writing before school and work took over my life. So I thought starting a blog would be a PERFECT side hobby for me hence travelstreatsandeverythingsweet was created!

I’ve loved baking for as long as I can remember but travelling? It was only recently (last summer) I was bitten by that meticulous travel bug that causes me to want to wander off to every corner of the earth and experience the vast nature, food and cultures the world has to offer. I only realised the world was so different to home (UK) last summer when I took a much needed post exam break to the party island of Ayia Napa, Cyprus. Some say what? You caught the travel bug on a week long drinking holiday in AYIA NAPA?! (Bearing in mind I didn’t actually drink every night of the week) And I say yes, yes I did. For me it was the whole experience of going somewhere new, packing, experiencing heat I’d never felt before (the UK’s weather is dreadful), seeing an environment I never thought existed and on top of all that, going on a plane for the first time (I cried during takeoff)!!! So now I’m at that point in my life where I take every opportunity to go somewhere new and just since last year I feel a sense of personal growth I didn’t think would happen so quickly, who knew how much travel could enrich the soul eh?

To cut this story short, that’s pretty much me behind the blog.

Thank you for reading!

Deborah x

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