UK City of Culture 2017

So as it’s still early on in the year, I figured it would be a good idea to write about and recommend a few things to do in this year’s City of Culture – HULL! Kingston-Upon-Hull (or Hull as you’ve just seen) is practically my second home. Hull is a small city in the East Riding of Yorkshire in the North of England and since it was announced the UK City of Culture 2017 back in 2013, there has never been a more perfect time to visit. This quaint Northern city has been gearing up these past few years ready to host a multitude of events over the next few months. I can say from a personal perspective that there’s certainly a lot more hustle and bustle than I’ve ever seen, especially in the city centre.

Yes, Hull is this year’s City of Culture, but what does that actually mean? For those who have no idea or have never even heard of this before (like me a few years ago!), City of Culture is basically a designation awarded to a city for a period of one year but given every four years, for example the next UK City of Culture will host in 2021. This is a relatively new award so Hull is the second city to have been given this title, the previous and first one being Londonderry in 2013. The aim of this designation is to provide social and economic benefits for the area, plus it also draws attention to that particular city inviting more guests and people into the area.

Hull is a very walkable city with a good transport service (mainly buses around the city) so seeing a few attractions is never really problematic. Here a few things to do in Hull:

1. Visit The Deep

The Deep is a public aquarium with over 3000 creatures including sharks and sawfish. It has loads of stunning displays of sea-life and boasts a combination of interactive displays and audiovisual presentations so it’s very kid-friendly.

The deep image

2. Explore Hull’s Old Town

Take a lovely stroll through the cobbled streets of Hull’s Old Town and marvel at the surrounding history of Hull’s past. This includes a visit into the Museums Quarter where you can learn even more about the history of significant individuals and Hull’s transport history.

Hull old town image

3. Go shopping in town

Town is not the same as Hull’s Old Town (though they’re not too far from each other). Town is basically a massive area with shopping centres (the three main ones being St Stephen’s shopping centre, Princes Quay shopping centre and Prospect shopping centre), food shops, stalls etc where everyone goes to buy anything and everything. Because it’s the City of Culture, this place has been buzzing and has such a great atmosphere like I’ve never seen before.


4. Take a stroll along Newland Avenue

Newland Avenue is literally the most handiest street I have EVER come across. As a student and when I don’t feel like spending money to go into town, anything I have ever needed has been on Newland Avenue. It’s every student’s best friend, that’s all I have to say. Even if you’re not, walking down Newland Avenue in the summer can be quite the pleasant experience!

Newland avenue image

5.  See a play at Hull’s Truck Theatre

Hull’s Truck Theatre is a place which shows drama productions, plays and the like on a regular basis. I’ve seen a play here myself and there are some seriously talented individuals who just love what they’re doing. Be sure to visit their website below for more information on what’s on, ticket prices etc. They will not disappoint!

Hull truck theatre image

So if you’ve been thinking about which UK city to visit next, I hope I have swayed your decision to visit Hull! Even if it’s for a short weekend or for a longer stay, Hull is the place to be this year. I mean what better time to visit then when it’s the City of Culture right?

Deborah x

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(The Deep image:

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(Prospect image:

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