Cheers 2016, You’ve Been Great!

So it’s just over 12 hours till another new year befalls on us. Crazy how fast time seems to be going! Lately on social media, I’ve been seeing these memes on how badly 2016 has gone for some, which I hope is just the new ‘thing’ floating around and is in fact the actual opposite. Even if you have had a bad year, all the more reason to look forward to 2017, right? And this is what I love about New Year’s: The opportunity to reinvent yourself, strive for bigger and better things, set goals for yourself and so on.

Reflecting back on this year, 2016 hasn’t actually been too shabby, in fact I could say it’s been one of best years of my life (so far). It’s been a year of exciting and interesting firsts for me in travel, baking and life in general: learning how to drive, using fondant icing for the first time (they’ll be more where that came from!), trying paella for the first time in Spain, same with trying lasagne for the first time in Italy (both were delish!), travelling solo for the first time, can’t forget that and much more. With 2017 being so close now, I can only hope that next year brings more excitement both in my travelling AND baking. I’ve even written a pretty vague list of what I hope to achieve next year:

1. Travel outside Europe

I haven’t even seen up to half of Europe yet but my curiosity is buzzing to see what life outside of the Western world feels like. My number one pick so far is Beijing, China mainly because one of my friends will be studying in Shanghai on her year abroad. If not China, there’s still countless countries to choose from!

2. Triumph at making the Swiss roll!

This is obviously not seen from my blog but I’ve tried this a couple times at the beginning of the year and it just doesn’t seem to go right for me which gets really frustrating. After watching the Bake Off series this year I’m willing to give it another go and hopefully it doesn’t turn out like sweet bread again!

3. Stay in more hostels

This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, heck it wasn’t mine until my recent trip to Barcelona (also my first time staying in a hostel, look out for that post soon!). I had mixed feelings about sharing a room with complete strangers however I had a great time. If you’re solo travelling, hostels are definitely the way forward, especially if you’re trying to save some of that hard-earned cash. I even met a lovely Korean girl who I was sharing the room with and spent a lovely evening with before I headed back to London (I’ve even got an invite to Seoul and she’s got one to London, yippee!). So I’ll definitely look forward to meeting more new people in the new year. Learning about people’s different cultures and hearing about their lives, well you never have a dull moment in conversation!

These are the three definites I want to achieve next year, there’s more but with me being a very take-life-as-it-comes kinda gal (within reason) they’re prone to changing so I won’t include them. Hopefully you’ve set yourself goals, even if it’s just one, for 2017, something to work towards, something that will challenge yourself, something that you’ll look back on this time next year and say ‘I did it’.

All that’s left to say now is have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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Deborah x

2 thoughts on “Cheers 2016, You’ve Been Great!

  1. Hey! I also learnt how to drive this year, and I also used fondant icing for the first time a few months ago! 2016 was definitely a year of firsts. Looking forward to 2017 being a year of even more learning.

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