Haus of the Baroque and Majestic (Part 2)

Onto the second half of my Viennese adventure!

So after two so far lovely, interesting and partly scorching days in Vienna, I started off the Wednesday morning heading off to the beautiful Belvedere Palace. The palace is very easy to get to if you’re located or can get to a tram stop as the tram stops directly outside the Belvedere Palace at Schloss Belvedere. The Belvedere Palace consists of two palaces – Upper Belvedere and Lower Belvedere – the Orangery and the Palace Stables. However due to one reason I didn’t hear the ticket guide say, I along with everyone else wasn’t permitted access to Lower Belvedere which I was VERY disappointed with, such a downer eh? So because of that I only bought a ticket to Upper Belvedere which cost me €11.50 (student price if you’re aged between 19-26 years).

Not to say Upper Belvedere isn’t beautiful! Art lovers and those alike would really adore the vast pieces of paintings in the museum particularly for some, the most famous kiss in the world –  Gustav Klimt’s “Kiss” and his many other pieces. Unfortunately no pictures were allowed in the museum so I don’t have any to show you! It really is a shame as I too saw some marvellous landscape paintings I would’ve ideally liked to take a picture of… But not to worry, they shall remain forever in my memory! (I hope)…

After finishing up at the Belvedere palace, I thought hmm, now would be a good time to try more Viennese cuisine and so guess what? That’s exactly what I did! Right opposite the Belvedere Palace was a cute restaurant called Art Corner with additionally cute waiters, haha, I definitely wasn’t complaining being served but yeah they were extremely lovely. Looking at the menu and not actually knowing which ones were traditionally Viennese dishes and which weren’t (everything was in German), I took a random stab and the Würstelplatte which directly translates to sausage plate/platter.


It’s essentially a dish with various sausages served with French fries and a potato salad (I think the potato salad was unique to this restaurant though).  To be very honest with you, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this dish at all, it was mainly the sausages and salad I didn’t like, the fries were nice though! Fries are a staple in the UK, how could I NOT like them! Along with that I decided to go for a dessert with my meal – I knew this one was traditionally Viennese – Palatschinken! Basically a thin crêpe-like type of pancake.


As a pancake lover already, I just knew these were going to be amazing, and boy was I right! Doesn’t that just look scrum-dilly-umptious! A bit much chocolate sauce on the inside but still otherwise YUM!

As it was late afternoon the heat was still increasing and I was not taking it too well and so headed back to my hotel with some gelato and cold water to cool off. I wasn’t going to let the heat ruin what I still had planned though, I am a trooper me! So round about 6pm I left my hotel again to go the last place for the day, and that was Prater park. Entry is free into Prater park and it’s surprisingly open 24 hours, 7 days a week, no theme park I know in England is open for that long! The entrance to the park may be free but they charge you fees for individual rides. I’d only come for the giant Ferris wheel to be honest haha! I paid €11 (student price) to go round on the Ferris wheel for about 30 minutes, I haven’t actually been on a Ferris wheel before might I add and I’m not too fond of heights either so I was slightly anxious before going on. But all was good! A few breathers when I was at the highest point helped, so did the view!

Never have I seen so much green bush in my life! Coming from a city girl, well that’s to be expected isn’t it?

The weather at this point had cooled down quite a bit, thankfully… The day had been pretty chilled so I thought I’d grab a pizza and head back to my hotel.

Thursday: The last and final day in Vienna (aww!). As I looked up temperatures to soar once again (jeez Austria really had it in for me…), I planned a mellow Thursday where I could eat gelato and chill. I started off Thursday heading to Naschmarkt, the most popular market in Vienna with over 120 market stands and stalls selling food from all over the world.

I particularly loved Naschmarkt because of its neat organisation of markets. Try coming to a market in London and you’ll know what chaos I’m talking about…. With not much to do in Naschmarkt I then headed to the Austrian National Library (State Hall). This was actually the first place in Vienna to make me say “WOW” out loud. The hundreds and thousands of books looking so old yet so pure and rich, you really do feel like you’ve stepped into a kings library.

I was in there for ages reading about mainly Emperor Franz Joseph, from his childhood to his travels to his reigning over Vienna, they were all such informative reads!

Before my short flight back to London, I decided to spend the rest of my time in the Viennese heat in Volksgarten.

It’s only one of the many green gardens in Vienna, although whilst walking around I unexpectedly came across a temple – the Theseus Temple – which held a very strange yet interesting sculpture called Man in a Boat.

All in all, my time in Vienna was educational to say the least. Being from London, a born and bred city girl, a lot of Vienna’s city centre reminded me of London, particularly Knightsbridge, like someone expanded Knightsbridge and it formed a country about 2 hours away! It was all very expensive and grand, a lot like London.

Top tips:

  • Always carry change! You have to pay €0.50 to use a lot of the bathrooms in Vienna
  • Learn enough German to be able to have a basic conversation with people, shop owners etc. I know it’s the capital but believe me, don’t assume everyone knows English, some people won’t have a clue what you’re on about!
  • Bring headphones to museums! You get provided a free audio guide in some museums and you don’t want to be distracted by people conversing nearby or other tour guides
  • If you can’t stand the heat in the summer, bring an umbrella! I saw many oriental people doing this and it’s actually a great idea, beats getting sunburnt
  • If you’re staying for more than 4 days, get the weekly travel pass (for use on trams, buses and the metro) as it’s so much more cost effective, it’s only €16.50!

Hope these help! Anyway, until my next trip!

Thank you for reading!

Deborah x

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