When in Rome… Literally! (Part 2)

Hello again guys!

So as to continue from my last post, that was only day 1 out of 4 however I will try not to blab on too much about unnecessary mumbo jumbo!

So where was I? Yess finding the Pantheon and indulging in amazing Italian pizzas!

On day 2 me and my friend got up bright and early to head to the Borghese Gallery. We weren’t actually going there that day but we thought it was a good idea to buy tickets in advance (I highly recommend that too) because when we did actually go the next day, tickets were sold out for that day… Tickets were €6.50 which is the reduced price. You get that if you’re an EU citizen between 18 and 25 for those of you who are!

Now this is the exhausting part of the trip. Be smart and bring comfortable running or walking shoes for this by the way! (Vans don’t count, I experienced that the hard way!)     So from the gallery, we walked to the metro station Spagna which isn’t far from the gallery and took the metro line A to Termini where we changed to line B to take to the stop Colosseo. If you’ve read about Rome before I’m guessing you can guess what amazing sight lay there, THE COLOSSEUM!! Yes, in all its awesome Roman glory, the Colosseum was literally right across the road from the station.


Surprisingly what a lot of people don’t know is that if you buy a ticket from the ticket office at Palatine Hill (about a 5 minute walk away from the Colsseum) you will most definitely get inside the Colosseum so much quicker (our queue was about 5 minutes) than getting your ticket at the Colosseum first. The queue honestly looked about an hour long… But we knew this already, smart-asses we are right! Tickets were €7.50, again that’s the reduced price but includes entry to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

Seeing all three of those sights did take most of the day and most of the energy out of our poor feet! But I have to say it was definitely worth it!

(Roman Forum – top, Palatine Hill – bottom)

On day 3 of our trip we left our hotel extremely early, I’m talking half 7 in the morning! My top tip to you guys too if you’re going to St.Peter’s Square, GO EARLY! After we left the square at about 9 in the morning the queues to get in were just ridiculously long…

So whilst in the square me and my friend actually found out that you can climb to the top of the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica via stairs (€6) or lift (€8). Believe me when I say we climbed OVER 500 STAIRS right to the top of the dome!!! I do recommend doing workouts before coming to Rome, it can absolutely drain you! The view from the top is soo worth it though. Have a look at that!

St. Peter’s Square
St. Peter’s Basilica

Anyways after leaving the square, we went to see the Pyramid of Celstius which was quite cool. Since when was a pyramid known to be in Rome right?!


Pyramid of Celstius

After such an exhausting first half of the day, we went to chill at the Spanish steps for an hour before heading to the Borghese Gallery. Just before this though we managed to actually make a wish at the Trevi Fountain! One does not simply go to the Trevi Fountain without making a wish (attempted Game of Thrones reference, forgive me guys haha!)

The Borghese Gallery I have to say is quite simply amazing, I have never seen so much wonderful art in one place before, and the sculptures are just spectacular!!

Borghese Gallery

(There’s so much more in the gallery than what I’ve put but I don’t exactly want to make an essay of this post!)

This took to us to the evening time, around half 6 so it was time for dinner. Out of all the places I bought food from in Rome, this place was by far the best. I took the address down and everything! It was called White Club & Restaurant at Via del Tritone, 118, 00187 Roma, Italy (really close to the metro station Barberini). Tell me that doesn’t look amaziinngg!

Oven-baked lasagne (top), Spaghetti al Pomodoro (bottom)

And finally the last day! We hadn’t had much planned for the day as we were getting the plane back in the evening. So we had planned to go to the Vatican Museums knowing that may take a while and we were right, we actually waited two and a half hours to get inside and the line for this too, just drastically long and we had been waiting since 8.30 in the morning, imagine that… But throughout all the waiting and standing during this trip, I can’t say nothing was ever not worth it (cue the Aww)!

Here’s a few from the Vatican Museums:


So somehow I’ve managed to blag about three days worth of sightseeing in one post! I hope I haven’t rambled too much but all in all, Rome is definitely the place to be, at least so far for me anyway. For anyone who’s thinking of travelling to Rome, my advice, definitely don’t rush it. Despite seeing so much, there’s still so much more Rome has to offer but that’s for another trip, ey! Hope you guys enjoyed it!

Arrivederci!! (Goodbye in Italian)

Deborah x

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