When in Rome… Literally! (Part 1)

Hiya guys!

Well this is my first travel post so I’m excited to tell you guys about my most recent trip to the amazing Eternal City. Rome is definitely one place that I recommend to absolutely everyone, there’s so much to do, so much to see and best of all, so much to eat! After all, isn’t that what Italy is known for?

Anyways let me get to it. So after doing a bit of research back home about how expensive taxis were, me and my friend thought it would be a good idea to save some euros and take the train and metro (whilst also trying to be like the average Italian and commute). Since our hotel was located near the Vatican we needed the Leonardo Express, which is a train that runs to and from the airport and Rome’s main station, Termini (ticket costs €14). In Rome they do this thing which I thought as strange which is having to validate your ticket in a machine before boarding the train. I don’t know if they do this elsewhere but then again I’m no travel expert haha! (This is my third time abroad). The journey took a little over 30 minutes to reach Termini. It wasn’t the most exciting of train journeys, all you see outside is masses of graffiti splattered across walls and what I hope are construction sites (eek!). So after that part of the journey was over, it was time to figure out how to get to the stop that we needed using the metro. It was however so easy to use, there were literally two lines you could take, line A or line B but we needed A so of course we went with A! Before getting the metro though we thought it’d be handy to buy their weekly travel ticket which ended up costing €24, bit on the pricey side I’d say. We got off at a stop called Lepanto and ended up walking around for about an hour before actually finding our hotel which was only a five minute walk from the station – this is definitely not fun with luggage…

We stayed in a hotel called Teatime b&b and I have to say I would recommend this hotel to anyone and everyone! The staff were so polite and helpful throughout our trip with every question we had, the room was nice, the shower was nice (rainfall AND a separate movable shower head might I add), everything was just NICE.

Being such eager beavers, we wanted to start our sightseeing straightaway bearing in mind it was around 5.30pm, sleep can always wait can’t it. Given that it was evening and most sights would have been closing soon we decided to see the less labour intensive, free places. We took the metro line A from Lepanto to Spagna and walked to the Spanish steps. Sadly (and slightly infuriating!) they were under construction so yes we could see the steps but with all that lovely plexiglass surrounding it… (sarcasm in case you didn’t notice).


From there we walked to the Trevi Fountain and I must say that it was the most spectacular fountain I’ve ever seen, it definitely made up for the steps. The amount of detail on the fountain was just simply stunning!

Trevi Fountain or Fontana di Trevi (Italian)


After being there for a while attempting multiple selfies and refusing a million sellers we didn’t want there selfie sticks, we decided what best way to see Rome than get a bit lost without a destination in mind. A quick note about these sellers or any street sellers as a matter of fact, is just to say no and carry on walking, some of them will even try to put their product towards your hand so you instinctively take it, just don’t, keep your hands by your side and a simple but firm no will be rid of these guys.

Anyways, back to getting lost. So while walking around for a bit, we managed to see some really cool street art, people painting others, branching at loads of souvenir shops and of course, gelato, need I say more! I will though haha, the gelato was amazing (as expected), I got a choc chip flavour and my friend got melted choc, both €3 each for a smallish medium pot.

Amazing street art with spray paints!!
Melted choc (left), Choc chip (right)

Continuing our walking spree, we very surprisingly ended up finding the Pantheon!


We couldn’t go inside though as it was closed but that was definitely on our list of sights to see but at least we knew where it was now. After being on our feet for ages we decided to get food (our first Italian pizzas!!) and call it a day. We headed back to Spagna, took the metro line A to Lepanto and walked back to our hotel getting back around 10.20pm. Two words to describe our trip so far: Knackered but awe-inspiring.

Hope you have enjoyed it so far! Stay tuned for part 2 (featuring wayy more amazing sights!)

Deborah x

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